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Sushius @ Putolus 25812

Posted: 04.09.2012, 13:36
by uniqe
The second released mixtape from Sushius origins from an underground techno party “Putolus”.
The abandoned building near the heart of Helsinki, Finland, was filled with nice and deep house
with a drop to the gods of techno bass.

The mix returns to the other side of the Sun and continues with playful house.
You can hear the smell of gasoline until you arrive in the Café de Paris.

Re: Sushius @ Putolus 25812

Posted: 23.10.2012, 22:48
by TheH
onks bileistä muita nauhotuksia? laitetaan ne tonne meidän omalle servulle jakoo?

Re: Sushius @ Putolus 25812

Posted: 24.10.2012, 01:18
by uniqe
mm, ei oo muita nauhotuksia kun tämä c: laitetaa vaa.